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Intuitive Guide for Healing


One-On-One Power Sessions

Are You Ready to Thrive?

There are 5 spots open for 1:1 mentorship with Sharon Kimberly Cravens, Life Enhancement Specialist

Embark on a unique journey co-created with you and for you.

Up-level your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being with loving support and accountability.

Offering Three Levels of Heart-Centered Intuitive Guidance

Bronze Power Session

In this introductory program, we connect once a week via phone for 4 weeks in half-hour sessions.


These targeted co-creation sessions focus on reconnection with source and cultivating  natural intuitive guidance centers.


Includes a personalized half-hour channeled "mini" reading recorded specifically for you.

Silver Power Session

A more immersive program includes connecting weekly for 6 weeks via Zoom. Meeting "face- to-face," we focus collaboratively  on all things alive in your life that you wish to come to fruition. Become more secure in your intuitive awareness – enabling direction and goals. Clear blocks by identifying limiting beliefs that may hinder success.


Includes a bespoke  guided meditation to manifest your deepest desires. 

Gold Power Session

In an 8-week deep dive together,  we reprogram, shift, and realign your perspective. Weekly Zoom hourly connections, weekly phone half-hour check-ins, and accountability exercises combine to focus on massive movement, changes, and shifts.


Includes a 1-hour channeled reading, bespoke guided goal-oriented meditation, and a lovingly crafted essential oil blend for your soul's path during this portion of the journey.

VIP a la cart extras offered: hand-crafted bespoke essential oil rollerball blend for your specific goals/desires, hand-crafted smudge wand lovingly assembled with crystals infused with signature energy and prayer for your life's path, meditations/guided visualizations/ singing bowl recording for your soul's personalized journey, specific and unique Gene Keys readings, soul poetry and other voice recordings.

Pricing will be shared after an initial conversation to determine at what level our energies align for the best and highest in all aspects of your life. 

Power Sessions

Expressions from Clients

"With a lightness of being, timelessness, and joy that travel through her words, Sharon offers an oasis of hope in a challenging world of uncertain times. Her heart and talents are a gift to all who get to know her!"

– Aline – Newtown, CT


Sharon K. Cravens

Intuitive - Healer - Educator - Guide
HHP, LMT, Intuitive, Certified Vibrational Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher, Essential Oil Educator & Doula

Sharon Kimberly is a gifted holistic health practitioner and licensed massage therapist in South Carolina. She is proud to be one of three therapists in the State of South Carolina certified by the Vibrational Sound Association.


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is an incredibly powerful tool to relax the nervous system, bringing balance and harmony by placing Nepalese hand hammered Singing Bowls directly on the body. Relaxation during a VST session induces the same brain states as yoga, tai chi, and meditation.


Sharon practices CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in the Upledger Institute style. She is qualified to provide CST 1 and 2 and is currently working toward getting certified. In addition to this, Sharon was chosen to become one of the few Perrin Technique practitioners in the country. Dr. Raymond Perrin created the technique that primarily focuses on the lymphatic system and is tailored specifically for those that are suffering from CSF/ME (chronic fatique syndrome/myalgic encephalomylietis).The technique is world renowned for its ability to help heal from this crippling illness.

Having clairvoyant abilities since she was young, Sharon intuits and channels information for people in various ways. She reads energy fields and disseminates information to people about whatever concerns them. Sharon feels deeply honored to assist others in clarifying their walk and journey on the planet. 


Being one of a handful of International Cupping Therapy Association therapists in the state of South Carolina, Sharon utilizes traditional Chinese fire cupping methods with dōTERRA essential oils for tonification and detoxification of the body/mind/spirit. This style of cupping can have a wide range of incredible effects on the body, and there are but a handful of practitioners trained in this ancient method.

Through Sharon's gifts and offerings, her intention is to meet people right where they are on their personal journey. She works in the light of Jesus Christ to allow for God’s healing Holy Spirit to flow through her with the highest good for ALL in mind.


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